Day 10:- Writing Challenge

  1. Go to the only Oak tree on the campus and stand under its shadow.
  2. Make sure no one is around you and that it’s only you.
  3. Make a pentagram with the ash in the packet.
  4. Burn seven candles and arrange them around in a circle.
  5. Stand in the middle of it.
  6. Connect one hand to the bark of the trees and the other holding the paper.
  7. Shut your eyes and chant the mantra on it, focusing on the pentagram’s center.
  8. And you have just summoned the greatest of the greatest- Estenas.




Hetvi Anand Shah (H.A.S)- Bahrain ❤

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Hetvi Shah

Hetvi Shah

Hetvi Anand Shah (H.A.S)- Bahrain ❤

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